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Startec kits and products, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, are notable for their skillful design, their fine workmanship and the high polyvalence and versatility with many kinds of agricultural machines.
Below are the main product lines of Startec.


Microgranular and seeding products localisation

Our Mikro kits are designed to make the localization of microgranular products more efficient and less expensive. We designed them to localize the product in proportion to the forward speed and during the main operation. Therefore you can combine the advantages of the localization with time and resource savings due to the reduced number of passages across the field.


Linear jet localization

We have designed the ECOFERT kit to maximize the benefits of linear jet localization, mostly of fertilizer or inoculant. Key factors, such as the adjustment of the dosage in proportion to the forward speed, the use at the same time of the main operation and the possibility to regulate with extremely high precision where and how to the product is released allow you to increase fertilizing effectiveness and time and resource consumption.


Localized nebulization

We have optimized the STARTSOL kits to satisfy the diverse needs in the localized nebulization of liquid products, products such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, leaf fertilizers, microelements, etc in order to achieve the advantages of localization that our kits offer.


Irrigation management

We have designed the RAIN kits to allow you to control and manage the irrigation performed with irrigation reels. RAIN kits are applicable on all kinds of irrigation reels. The RAIN kits may perform basic function and a wide range of advanced functions. The functions to be performed define the components of the RAIN kit.


For liquid products

Polyethilene TANKS with painted metallic frame, supplied to fit with liquid products localization kits.

Driving systems

Control and regulation devices

Over time, Startec has developed and fine-tuned a range of driving systems that, combined together, allows to manage the dosing and distribution of liquid and / or granular products on different types of agricultural machines.

Special Applications

Nitrostar e Spryfor

We have designed specific kits dedicated to the solution of dosing issues and of application of particular products such as nitrification regulators and preservatives for forage.


The main feature of all the kits for the distribution of liquid or granular products is their versatility. The VERSATILITY of the kits allows to optimize and maximize the benefits granted using the kits.
All the kits for the distribution of liquid or microgranular products are polyvalent. This means that the machine-parts or the tractor-parts of each kit may be substituted with the relevant machine-parts or tractor-parts of another kit.


The polyvalence maximizes the potential of each Startec kit: tractor-parts can be connected to various machine-parts mounted to different types of operating machines, and vice versa.

Multiple applications

Multiple applications multiply the advantages of Startec kits through the localization of several products, either liquid or granular, at the same time during one single passage across the field.

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