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We have conceived, designed and realized the Multiperformer System to multiply the advantages obtained using our localization kits. The terminal in the cabin displays the data sent by the master unit (using the ISO 1173-ISOBUS standard or the Startec protocol). The master unit controls and manages, at the same time, from one to four localization kits. They can be mounted on different types of agricultural machines.


Introducing the Multiperformer system at EIMA 2016 Startec has obtained the recognition of the Technical Innovation as “the solution extends the spread of high-tech solutions to mid-range machines, increasing the flexibility of the system and integrating typical functions of the ISOBUS task controller”

Simultaneous distribution of up to 4 products

Distribution with automatic adjustment in proportion to the forward speed

Dosage variation while working

10 work programmes each with 10 dosage variations

Work parameters display

Counters display

Anomalies warning

OPTIONAL: Motorized valves control


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