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Optimized distribution for precision and regularity of well formulated products is an essential aspect for seed protection, a crucial phase for crop growth.

To meet this need Startec, thanks to its specialization in the localization of microgranular products, has designed and manufactured the special diffuser SOFFIO.

The kit consists of a stainless steel pipe with the end final part specially cut and shaped. It is equipped with a plastic insert to adjust the width of the band. Supports and clamps for fixing are also supplied.

SOFFIO allows to distribute in a regular and uniform way thanks to the internal projections. The width of the distribution band is defined by adjusting the position of the diffuser and by choosing the suitable insert.

It is available in different models depending on the precision seeder onto which it will be installed.

The mounting process is particularly simple and does not require any transformation or modification of the original parts of the precision seeder.


Italian from design to manufacturing


European Patent No. 2893795


STAINLESS STEEL: robustness and durability guaranteed


few simple steps


No modification of the original elements is required


Targeted and regular distribution


Startec’s SOFFIO diffusers are available in several dedicated versions for different models of precision seeder to allow an easier and quicker assembly. Click on the models to discover the details

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