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Born from the union of the deep passion for agriculture and the relentless search for improvement and new solutions, Startec has become a leading company in the manufacturing accessories of agricultural machinery.

At Startec, for almost two decades we continue to innovate and look forward with confidence, thanks to a fruitful cooperation and to a constructive dialogue with our colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Startec is there, at your side.

Customised and innovative solutions

Startec and its products are born from a passion that is renewed day by day through commitment, cooperation and sacrifice.
Being aware of this, we continue to pay our upmost attention to perfectioning even the smallest details and we are committed to provide high quality technical assistance.

Attention to detail, and much more

Startec e i suoi prodotti nascono da una passione che è rinnovata giorno dopo giorno con impegno, collaborazione e sacrificio.
Ne siamo consapevoli e per questo continuiamo a dedicare tutta la nostra cura a perfezionare anche i minimi dettagli e tutto il nostro impegno per offrire assistenza tecnica di elevata qualità.

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