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In 2016 we begun a project for the global involvement called Startec20. The aim is to increasingly improve the performances and the sense of belonging to the Company in order to offer a better service to our Customers and Suppliers.

Industry 4.0

In 2017 Startec has commenced a project for the functional integration and the digital transformation across the functions and departments in order to optimize the products and services and to implement new ones.

People and Competences

Startec has grown in almost 20 years of history. The initial group was progressively enlarged and structured until it has become a team.

It is made up of the founders of the company, who invented and wanted Startec and that today are leading the team.

Startec’s Technical Office differentiates itself for:

  • the multi-year experience in the agricultural sector;
  • the synergy between mechanical, electronic and informatic skills.

The high qualification of the personnel and the use of avant-garde instruments allows Startec to maximize the simplicity of design and use of products compared to the complexity of the functions performed.

The Sales Office works normally in four languages and is composed by both technical and administrative personnel in order to better fulfill the needs of whom wants to get in touch with Startec.
Startec, through its Sales Office personnel is present in the main exhibitions of the agricultural sector.

The production units are in charge of the manufacturing and assembling of Startec’ kits and products. Moreover, they also develop prototypes and small particular series.
The units work on either mechanical or electronical issues. They also follow the quality control. This in pull and custom perspective that is customized production triggered by the customer request.

The Purchasing Office and the Accounting Office perform the activities in support of the other processes providing for purchasing and suppliers scouting and accounting of the company’s activities.

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