Agricultural Technologies

Devices for the localization of liquid or micro-granular products and for the irrigation management

Startec kits and products, thanks to the experience of its staff, are distinguished by their fine workmanship, careful design and their high degree of compatibility with many types of agricultural machinery.


The Mikro, Ecofert and Starsol localization kits, are designed for an advanced use that, thanks to their VERSATILITY, widens the application possibilities and the advantages obtainable


Several agricultural machines may be equipped

Multiple Applications

More products may be distributed at the same time



Startec was incorporated having registered offices in Cordovado (PN). Startec decided to specialize in designing systems for liquid fertilizer localization.


By developing the first kits for the localization of liquid products Startec grows and moves to a new building in the industrial area of San Vito al Tagliamento (PN).


Startec was awarded with the ‘Mention’ at the EIMA exhibition in Bologna for the fertirrigation injector called Irrifert LX.


Startec designs the first kits for the distribution of granular products specializing in microgranular ones.


Startec moves to the current building located in Sesto al Reghena in order to respond more efficiently to the market’s needs.


Startec is awarded with the Technical Innovation at the EIMA exhibition in Bologna for the multiple and localized distribution system called Multiperformer.


Startec participates in the 120th edition of the Fieragricola in Verona and wins the Innovation Award - Silver lLeaf for the Special Application Nitrostar Kit

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