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Gearmotors working 12Vdc having different powers (30- 600W), speed (rpm), coupling and encoder or not. We have conceived them to drive granular and microgranular fertilizer distributors, seeds distributors, microgranulators and much more.

W Motion transmission RPM 12 RPM 20 RPM 25 RPM 35 RPM 50 RPM 60 RPM 90 RPM 135
30 A
50-70 B-C-D-E
120 B-C-D-E
180 B-C-D-E
300 B-C-D-E
600 B-C-D-E

Motion transmission

A – Head joint for 10mm square shaft
B – Shaft – Ø15mm, 20 or 30mm long – with Ø6mm hole
C – Through hole for 11mm squared shaft
D – Through hole for 14mm squared shaft
E – Through hole for 16mm squared shaft


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