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Patented diffusers for optimised distribution

Optimized distribution for precision and regularity of well formulated products is an essential aspect for seed protection, a crucial phase for crop growth.

To meet this need Startec, thanks to its specialization in the localization of microgranular products, has designed and manufactured the special diffuser SOFFIO.

The kit consists of a stainless steel pipe with the end final part specially cut and shaped. It is equipped with a plastic insert to adjust the width of the band. Supports and clamps for fixing are also supplied.

The advantages:

Made in Italy

Italian from design to manufacturing


European Patent No. 2893795


STAINLESS STEEL: robustness and durability guaranteed


Few simple steps


No modification of the original elements is required


Targeted and regular distribution


Startec’s SOFFIO diffusers are available in several dedicated versions for different models of precision seeder to allow an easier and quicker assembly.

SOFFIO / Monosem NG Plus

SOFFIO for Monosem NG Plus is characterized by the easy assembly with only two fixing screws. It is designed in the right and left element version depending on the element into which it shall be installed (right or left, depending on where the microgranules descent pipe is set).

A reduction is provided to adapt the SOFFIO diffuser directly to the original descent pipe of the seed drill.

Documents on the mounting this model of diffuser are available below. For any doubts write us!


SOFFIO for Monosem Pnu has been specially designed for this model of precision seeder.

It is easily installed thanks to a special support with a clamp for fixing that allows the correct adjustment in height and inclination of the tube of the SOFFIO diffuser on the precision seeder.

SOFFIO Kuhn Maxima 2

SOFFIO for Khun MAXIMA 2 is designed for an easy installation. It is not necessary to remove the disc and/or the depth wheel to obtain a precise band localization.


SOFFIO for Gaspardo MTR, specifically designed for this model of precision seeder. It can be easily installed by inserting it from above into the discs plough without having to dismantle parts of the precision seeder.

SOFFIO Väderstad Tempo

SOFFIO for Vaderstad Tempo is designed to be easily installed. The dedicated support allows precise adjustment of the height and inclination.

A reduction is provided to connect the SOFFIO diffuser directly to the descent tube of the Vaderstad microgranulator.

SOFFIO Solà Promosem K

SOFFIO for Sola Prosem K has been appropriately designed for quick and easy assembly. To obtain the best result, different shapes are provided for the right and left elements according to the position of the product descent pipe.

SOFFIO Nodet Pneumasem II

SOFFIO for Nodet Pneumasem has been equipped with special fixing plates to the frame of the seeding unit to support the SOFFIO diffuser in an adjustable way in height and angle and to allow the connection to the original cyclon.

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